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Download the Job Posting Form

word iconDownload the Job Posting Form free*

You can simply download our Job Posting Form. CLICK HERE to download the Job Posting Form (Microsoft Word Document).

Fill the form and send it back to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or Fax 071 880 2709

Still need help? call 0777 6 53 0 53 9am - 5pm (Mon - Fri), 10am - 2pm (Sat), Except Public Holidays

*For limited time period only and  we reserve the right to cancel this offer at anytime.

Self Managed option for Advanced Users users ONLY

Self Managed free*


If you are new to the web site first you have to register with us.

To register with us click the “Register, right hand side top corner of the home page – registration form will appear. Fill this form and get registered by clicking “Register at the bottom of this form. You will receive an e-mail message from us accepting the registration.

If you have already registered with us, log in providing the requested information – username / email address and password.

Employer tools

After registering and login to JobSite.lk, click "Employer Tools". This will give many options which are self explanatory.


Post a Job(s)

Steps to be completed before posting a jobs

1. Register / Login as a Employer

2. Your Company Approved by JobSite.lk Administrator.

You have to post the job(s) by clicking post a job in the employer tools.

Fill the details requested.

Click Add new job. Your job detail will appear on the home page and job search enabling the job seekers to view the job (detail will be displayed by clicking the job).

Now the posting of the job(s) is complete. You can also use the other facilities given in the employer tools such as View your applicants and respond.


Why JobSite.lk?

  • We have over 3000+ unique job seekers everyday visiting our website.
  • Over 3000+ registered job seekers.
  • Over 14,000+ Facebook "Likes"
  • You have full access to your job posting, make changes, even remove your job posting anytime you wish.
  • Many useful unique features.
  • We provide a convenient, accessible and easy way for people to find the right job or the right candidate.
  • Search Engine Friendly.
  • Registered business in Sri Lanka.